We’ll develop activities that work best for you. Here’s some ideas to get you started.

  • Future Designers (Years 7 – 8) – we discuss what it could be like to live, work and play in our future cities. Students develop ideas for how a local place could be used in 2053.
  • Architectural Styles (Years 7 – 8) – we develop understanding of architectural styles and the ability to identify them. Students design and build a model, influenced by an architectural style.
  • A Space for Music (Years 7 – 9) – we explore the spaces and places that are used for listening to or playing music. Students design a music pavilion inspired by a musical genre.
  • Designing for a Sustainable Community (Years 7 – 11) – we consider what sustainability means for people, place and the environment. Students design an outdoor space for a community centre.
  • Thinking about Scale (Years 8 – 10) – we think about how much space we need for everyday activities. Students design and build a large model, exploring the impact of light, materials and colour.
  • Interior Design (Years 7 – 13) – we work with the tools used to create different environments and atmosphere in a space. Students create a client brief and develop design solutions.
  • A Cultural Space (Years 8 – 13) – we develop a concept for a local cultural building or attraction. Students redesign a space, thinking about how they could make it more successful.
  • Designing for Different Cities (Years 9 – 13) – we explore how climate and climate change affect design and the challenges of extreme environments. Students design homes in response to environmental issues such as flooding.
  • A Nomadic Home (Years 9 – 13) – we think about homes in a different way as spaces that can be moved and adapted. Students design their own nomadic home.
  • Designing for Food (Years 8 – 13) – we consider the needs of designing for businesses that prepare and sell food. Students design a food stall, develop a brand and consider how design can help to sell a product.

Our workshops can run over half a day, a full day, or as several sessions.

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