CH64 Low Carbon Initiative

A Low Carbon Community for Neston

PLACED worked with resident-led group CH64 LCI (Low Carbon Initiative) to develop its plans for a low carbon community in support of the Local Neighbourhood Plan for Neston, Wirral.

In 2018, we supported CH64 LCI by popping-up with Ed the Campervan at the Parkgate Festival. CH64 LCI wants to involve young people in a sustainable future for Neston, so we set up camp in the festival’s Children’s Field.

We used visual activity boards, a big interactive map, crafting, and a fun flower pot game to encourage people to get involved.

Around 160 people engaged with us over two days. Many people took the time to have long conversations with us and share their ideas for a low carbon community. Suggestions for making Neston a better, greener place included solar power, bike sharing, and local food projects.

We also captured what was already happening in the area, helping CH64 LCI to map local projects and make connections.

PLACED exceeded our expectations. We knew we couldn't engage the community how we wanted through a survey.”
Peter Burke, A Fairer Society
Jo and her team reimagined our ideas into visual and interactive questions that brought the idea of low carbon living to life. The evaluation and ongoing support has been fantastic. ”
Peter Burke, A Fairer Society

Our findings and recommendations are helping CH64 LCI to develop their plans and create opportunities for local people of all ages to get involved.