Byrne Avenue Trust

Bringing the Baths Back to Life

PLACED worked with Byrne Avenue Trust to engage children from local primary schools in exciting plans to bring Byrne Avenue Baths back to life.

This Grade II listed building has been closed for many years. Built in the 1930s, the original complex included two swimming pools and a suite of slipper baths – eight cubicles each with its own full size bath! Many local people have fond memories of the baths, which also included club rooms and a community hall.

Supported by the Architectural Heritage Fund and a successful crowdfunding campaign, Byrne Avenue Trust is restoring the baths with and for the community.

In 2018, we delivered 4 workshops with 3 schools.

Pupils learned about the history of Byrne Avenue Baths and other local heritage. We explored the importance of heritage buildings. Children developed and shared their ideas for how the Community Room at the Baths could be used when it opens.

Children got a taste of what it’s like to work as an architect, designer, planner or engineer. Pupils analysed the site, presented ideas, developed designs and used simple materials to build models.

Children developed problem solving, communication and teamworking skills. They thought creatively about heritage buildings and how they can be used today. Pupils learned about careers they may never have heard of before.

The children’s ideas are being used by Byrne Avenue Bath’s restoration team.