Royal Albert Dock

What do Visitors Want?

We worked with Liverpool’s Royal Albert Dock Steering Group to inform their strategy and future programme for this world famous waterfront destination.

As part of a wider programme of consultation, the Steering Group wanted to find out what people think about spending time at Royal Albert Dock. They wanted to learn more about how they can create a better place that attracts more visitors.

In 2017 and 2018, we popped-up in Ed the Campervan at three city centre locations. We delivered mobile workshops at Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool Central Library, and on Church Street.

Because of Ed, we reached diverse groups of people across the city. We engaged over 200 people, including residents and visitors.

...We expected the report following the interview and engagement with local people to signpost the way forward for future community engagement. This was what was achieved and was very helpful.”
Sue Grindrod, Royal Albert Dock
Royal Albert Dock has now developed a community engagement strategy based on the report from PLACED and checked against market research. This has meant we are confident about the strategy focus and the resources available are applied to achieve best outcome.”
Sue Grindrod, Royal Albert Dock

People shared their views and ideas on the attractions and activities available at Royal Albert Dock, heritage, accessibility and value for money.

Our findings and recommendations are helping the Royal Albert Dock Steering Group to develop their strategy and plans, and apply for funding.